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Daft Cinema: Showcasing American Stupidity


I’ve started a new blog to chronicle the highlights and pains of working in two different movie theaters. Customer service is a thankless and nightmarish industry where the true human condition is revealed in ugly clarity. Sometimes the antics of the patrons are hilarious, sometimes they are down-right astonishingly rude. The stories I have from this job always seem to amuse others, so why not share them with the cyber-world too!

>>>Daft Cinema<<<

I can make this stuff up. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work. You won’t believe some of the things people do, or the stupid things they say, even when they do something as simple as go out to the movies. Come join the fun!


Awesome Chopsticks!


One of my favorite things to collect is chopsticks. Not just any ordinary chopsticks though. They must be unique, decorative, or from a special event, otherwise I’d have a mountain for a collection. The funny thing is, I’ve barely figured a way to hold and eat with chopsticks, a method which I’m sure is incorrect and only works for a few minutes before my hand cramps up. Years of trying, it’s been hopeless. Until now! In my search for fabulous Asian utensils, I’ve come across something to help those of us who can’t seem to get it just right.

Q-Man Novelty Easy Chopsticks

Designed for easy use this unique set of tongs-meets-chopsticks resemble a human form with arms, legs, and a head. The Q-Man Chopsticks are dishwasher safe, come in 4 colors, and are easy enough for children to use properly. If you’re anything like me, the Q-Man Chopstick set is both a novelty collectible and a stylish but practical addition to the dining table.

Available on Amazon for under $10, these would make cute stocking-stuffers or terrific gifts for you favorite blogger. ;-)

Japanese emoticons for everyone



A Westerner’s cheat sheet for Japanese emoticons. We’ve all seen them, especially on twitter. Our Japanese friends make the most intricate and adorable emoticons out of their characters and text. I’m going to show you a website that lets users with a Roman alphabet keyboard integrate Japanese words with 2byte emoticons.



Here you can learn the differences between Western and Eastern emoticons (1byte and 2byte respectively) as well as the breakdown of the Japanese characters in each. The page is categorized with brief descriptions of what each is trying to convey. Technically you don’t have to “know” Japanese to use these, but it’s helpful since some have slight variations on meanings when different kanji are used. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to use this as a resource to add some charm and variety to your tweets, blogs, and FB statuses.

La Carmina & The Pirates


Popular blogger, fashionista, and tv host La Carmina, and a band of her friends have opened a new business the help you do what they do! La Carmina & The Pirates specialize in youth culture consulting, on-camera hosting, and location arranging (fixing) to fit almost any need. These Tokyo TV Fixers will help you find the newest trends, the perfect shooting locations, translate interviews, and will even host your program with style. La Carmina and her Pirates are not only knowledgeable in fashion & music trends who are intrepid coolhunters, but are also competent in professional business practices. In short – they get it done, look good while doing it, and make you look good too!

Check out their website for a lot more information including bio sheets, affiliates, and video clips!

Let La Carmina & The Pirates guide you on your next television expedition through the stormy seas of the Tokyo scene!

J-Rock Video of the Day: xTRiPx


xTRiPx – “Glitter”

xTRiPx have been around since 2003 with a steadily growing reputation in the indies fanbase. This song is so easy on the ears. I love the guitar solo and the vocalist has a beautiful voice. They fall somewhere between O’share kei and indie rock, giving them a distinctive marking in a sea of clownfish. They’ve had some lineup issues but in 2009 released some new, very limited, material which marked their reunion.

J-Rock Video of the Day: Naked arms – UPDATED!


I’m still getting hits on an old post that has a preview of “Naked arms” the new single from T.M.Revolution. Since that video clip is merely a sneak peek prior to release, I thought I should post the full-length song and complete PV for any searchers who land here.

So here it is. The majestic, awesome, amazing new video and single from His Highness, T.M.Revolution!

Sorry for the external link. Unfortunately, Youtube is diligent about stripping as much T.M.R. off their site as possible, including this hot new hit, so I had to go elsewhere for it. The good news is that website has every T.M.Revolution video ever made, so while you’re there watch some of his other PVs!

Zillow Zollo’s A-Z of Music: A


A is for abingdon boys school

So my uncle began posting an A-Z of noteworthy bands on his facebook page and no sooner did he get to letter B than I decided to steal the idea for myself. And in keeping with tradition, I can’t simply post a youtube link and leave it at that, so I might as well use the opportunity to populate my blog some more.

First up is abingdon boys school, a modern hard rock band from Japan led by pop vocalist T.M.Revolution (Takanori Nishikawa). This band, who always insists on having their name spelled out entirely in lower case letters, is the collaborative effort of T.M.Revolution and his support musicians working together as a band instead of a solo artist + back-up players. The result is a more grungy, post/alt rock amalgamation and T.M.R. gets to show off his aggressive vocal chops that we haven’t heard since his days with indie visual kei act Luis-Mary, all the while experimenting with a more frequent use of English lyrics. Guitarist Sunao also gets his chance to shine that amazing talent of his with some terrific solos throughout their catalog.

With a stylized school boy theme running throughout their albums, singles, and PVs (promotional videos), abingdon boys school have struck a popular chord with the Asian youth and are making waves across Europe. The U.S. is, as always, the last to jump on board but the band has announced they are planning more worldwide tours in the near future. I think they’d be a great addition to one of the major “radio rock” tours like Warped Tour or even to the Lollapalooza festival.

It’s hard to say who the band will appeal to in the Western market but I’d venture to guess that somewhere between Wolfmother and Mastodon, abingdon boys school will find their fanbase.

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